Effects Of Smoking Weed
effects of smoking herb
   Effects of Smoking Weed | Inhaling Grass

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One of the most common recreational effects of smoking weed is the high that the pot provides the user.

This high allows the user to relax and reach an altered state of mind that allows the user to feel connected or even euphoric. This altered state of mind is due to the changes in the alpha brain waves.

This creates the sensation of being relaxed even in a stressful situation. Many people who experience frequent anxiety or paranoia report that the consumption of marijuana helps them to relax and lessons their symptoms.

Another of the common side effects of smoking weed is that the user feels hungry. This side effect is caused by the relaxation of the mind. This side effect is coupled with a lack of nausea and vomiting that excessive consumption of food would normally cause. The national cancer associate has accepted this and many cancer doctors prescribe this medication to their patients who are unable to eat due to vomiting or nausea caused by chemotherapy and radiation.

There is the concern that the consumption of marijuana can cause difficulties in reproduction. There are many hormonal effects of smoking weed that science is still studying. One such effect is that the men experience less active erections and produce less viable sperm. Women who have consumed an excessive amount of pot over a long period of time may experience irregularities in their menstrual cycles. There is no evidence that it can cause complete infertility in individuals. If there is the chance of getting pregnant, marijuana should be discontinued due to the potential of fetal harm, although more tests need to be conducted to determine the extent of the potential birth defects.
   Doctors have the power to prescribe marijuana medical use.